The Top 10 Most Popular Cricket Player Ever

MS Dhoni was created on 7th in Cricketers in the world in 2018. There are many players in this match who’ve become rich as well as
very wellknown .

Have a look at the full list of top ten richest cricketers on earth below.

India. He’s famous furthermore using his nick name “Mahi” and also “MSD”. He is a really great batsman who is able to play good
attack rate. Apart from that, he is one of the most prosperous captain and much more to the point he’s always conditions. He has
got the income of around $40 million.

Among the top ten richest cricketers in the world list. Being participant and a captain Shane Watson was born on in Bowler family,
whose estimated net gain is about $35.5 million. He is currently playing at the Indian National Cricket Team as an Allrounder. He
with his team has won the 2007 World Cup and 2011 World’s ICC Cup.

His income comes through Australia in Pakistan. He’s also known by the nick name “la la”. He’s a good batsman with got the ability
to play strike rate. He had played very harshly in his season and he’s playing . Currently, he could be among the richest Pakistan
cricketers annual income of approximately $5.3m.

These players are some of the richest With Mahendra Singh Dhoni Topping the record Michael John Clarke born 2 on April 1981, is a
former Australian cricketer Yuvraj Singh He’s truly a class player while in the world wide world, who has got the capability to
show the game.

And former captain of Australia, that played forms of the game. He is also called by the nick name “Clarkey ” and “Nemo” with his
own fellows. Currently, he has the yearly income of around $2.9m.

He gets through BCCI Central Contract, IPL plus he’s got some big names for endorsing. He could be one of the terrific players at
the cricketing world.

Shahid Afridi was born on 1st March 1980, He is placed in the 6th place Cricketers in the world

Central Contract, by and playing with t-20 leagues endorsing a variety of brands. He’s a batsman who are able to score nicely.

His earnings comes through the PCB Australia. Shane Watson is better known by the nick name “Watto”. He is bowler from the team as
well as just a very great batsman. He’d played with some cricket, especially. Currently, he has the yearly income of approximately